Tools I use

A minimalistic toolkit for minimalistic developer

In any human activity more complex than harvesting fruit from bushes, a proper tool is needed.

Thus, choosing the right tool for a single task is essential to get that task done properly, and the Unix philosophy has a lot to teach us on this. After many years, I still feel that:

  • most of the tools we use are overengineered to perform too many tasks
  • having a tool aiming to perform too much means having a lot to install on the system, and a lot to configure
  • a complex configuration leads to complex backups and recovery systems

This is why, over the course of the last few years, I have been heavily considering minimalism when picking my tools.

Window manager

  • i3
  • dunst


  • PyCharm
  • PyEnv
  • Tox
  • Fabric
  • Sphinx
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Hub
  • cdiff
  • vimdiff
  • Gogs

Text editing

  • Vim (with not more than 15 plugins)
  • aspell
  • TeXLive
  • latexmk


  • st
  • zsh
  • tmux
  • tmuxp
  • powerline



  • mutt
  • offlineimap
  • notmuch
  • pycarddav
  • spamassassin
  • isbg
  • links
  • mpack
  • goobook
  • urlview
  • antiword
  • shred
  • a2ps


  • pass
  • gpg


  • mpd
  • mpdscribble
  • ncmpcpp
  • beets

Instant messaging

  • weechat (with few plugins)


  • TaskWarrior


  • Pelican

Sync and backup

  • cron
  • rdiffbackup
  • btsync

Tools I don't use

  • any Google service, except Gmail (mailing lists only) and Google Calendar